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Taking leadership and team building out of the classroom and into the real world. The essence of The Corporate Cave is to leverage off Spec Ops knowledge and expertise in leadership, team building, resilience, task analysis, planning and preparation.

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Do you Dare?!

Ever wondered what its like to be a Special Forces Operator? To have your heart pumping in your chest as you have one minute to make a decision and avoid certain death. Here’s your chance! This is as real as it gets without enlisting

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Back in the day the cave was the hub of existence; it provided shelter, security, warmth, identity a place to call ‘home’. You either caught dinner or you became dinner we were far more connected to the outdoors; to nature. The back country, the bush, the outback, that was our domain. Alas, we have become an urbanised society driven by technology.

Rediscover that feeling of freedom and adventure – You know, the one you had when you were growing up. Playing down at the creek or in the field from dawn till dusk. Reconnect and grow in The Cave!


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Home of all things physically, mentally and emotionally draining! Physical endurance challenges the Special Forces way! Enough said….

Home of the ‘Dawn Raid’, ‘The EKO’ (Early Knock Off), ‘The Pilgrim’s Challenge’ and ‘The Barrier!’ – Do you have what it takes?

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