September 2018 will be the 75th anniversary of the ‘Z Special Unit’s’ raid on Singapore Harbour. The raid was an audacious attack deep into Japanese held territory that stunned the enemy at a time when they held ascendancy in the Asia-Pacific region and in a location that they considered a safe haven.

The raid was a success with all participants returning safely to Australia having sunk or severely damaged some 39,000 tonnes of enemy shipping.

Watch Mick and the team at TAG as they talk about the upcoming OpJaywick operation on Sky News.

Join us as we re-trace their steps and honour their memory. 

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Op Bellator is a new and unique program tailored to assist Veterans and former ADF members with the transition from service to civilian life. The program creates meaningful and supportive networks with like-minded people from both the Services and business.

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The Caves

Reconnect with the feeling of freedom and adventure you had when you were growing up. Learn some ‘cool’ skills from a former Special Forces Operator and test your ability to survive in the outdoors. You will discover challenge, inspiration and camaraderie in The Cave!

The Corporates

Unlock & grow the potential of your teams and develop future leaders through challenging and adventurous experiences in the great outdoors. Learn from the methodology and expertise of Special Operations. If you value success, continuous improvement, and strive for improved efficiencies and capabilities, then you need The Corporate Cave.

The Daring

The Special Operations Experience (SOE) is a suite of high end, top shelf experiences within a Special Operations mission framework. This exclusive offering provides training by and intimate contact with Special Forces veterans. Test your ability to plan, lead and execute a successful mission and become a member of the exclusive SOE Alumni.

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23 Aug

Op Jaywick On Sky News

Watch Mick and the team at TAG as they talk about the upcoming OpJaywick operation.