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Special Operations Experience

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Experiences like no other – Do You Dare?

SOE logo Multicamm with textThis is a journey into the world of Special Operations….

Imagine if you could plan, participate in and even lead your own Special Operations mission!

With the Special Operations Experience™ (SOE) that opportunity now exists.

SOE is a suite of daring, high end, adrenalin packed experiences within a Spec Ops mission framework. This exclusive experience provides training by and intimate contact with Special Forces veterans.

Our mission sets consist of four levels:

  • Special Projects – Experiences for everyone
  • Recruit Level – Entry level missions
  • Operator Level – More advanced missions
  • Veteran Level – The ‘Ultimate’ mission

Candidates must successfully complete at least 2 missions at Recruit level before progressing to Operator level. Candidates must successfully complete at least 2 missions at Operator level before qualifying for Veteran level.

Special Projects

James Frond Experience™

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Imagine spending a weekend as a ‘spy’! Fast cars, secret missions, helicopters, cocktail parties and mystery… where do I sign up?!

A James Bond like ‘spy’ expereince based on a real life character by the name of Sydney Cotton, who worked with Ian Flemming in Naval Intelligence during WW2. The activity is held at and around Spicers Hidden Vale property, which was once owned by Sydney Cotton.

Up to 15 pairs/couples.

There are no prerequisites, anyone can do this activity- ideally suited to pairs

Duration – 2 days, 2 nights; typically a weekend (Sat & Sun)

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Recruit Level Missions

Operation Homestead

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You get the 1 minute call from the Jump Master. You move forward into the open aircraft door. 30 second call from the Jump Master… you’re 14,000 feet above your Area of Operations about to freefall parachute into an unmarked DZ (Drop Zone)… Green light comes on, thumbs up from the Jump Master, mission is a go!

A ‘Recon’ mission, Op ‘Homestead’ is a high end team building, leadership and life experience that is based on real world Special Operations exploits and knowledge. It involves a parachute or helicopter insertion into a realm available and experienced by few. Op ‘Homestead’ is named after a World War 2 Special Operations Executive (SOE) mission conducted in enemy controlled Western Europe. 4-6 people.

Duration – 2.5 days, 3 nights; typically a weekend (Fri – Sun)

Next mission

The upcoming mission is even more special as we have a VIP participant.

Want to get up close and personal with not only some of the most respected and highly regarded SAS Veterans but also connect with one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs?

You do not want to miss out on this one time only opportunity.

Only 2 places left. Contact us NOW to secure your place.

19-22 August 2016 (QLD)

Investment $6497.00

 Operation ‘Great Escape’

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You’ve been kidnapped for ransom by extremists. You are being held in an unknown location deep within hostile territory. An uncertain fate awaits you if you do not escape, but escape means no food, no water, no shelter and being hunted by the extremists… being recaptured is not an option!

Op ‘Great Escape’ is an Escape, Evade & Recovery mission where participants are taken hostage and then have to escape, evade the ‘Hunter Teams’ whilst trying to make an RV (Rendezvous) by a cut-off time in order to be rescued. Named after that classic World War 2 Prisoner of War movie starring Steve McQueen (and a Zundap motorbike). 4-8 people.

Duration – 2.5 days, 3 nights; typically a weekend (Fri – Sun)

Investment $6497.00

Operation Ronin

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As part of a Spec Ops Close Protection Team you will be required to safely deliver and protect a VIP during their visit to a major city. This will mean mastering fast driving, shooting, surveillance skills and the specialist protection drills needed to achieve this… are you up for it?

Op Ronin is a Close Personal Protection (Body Guard) mission where participants will plan and conduct a protection task for a VIP in urban and rural environments. Ronin were samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period of Japan and would make a living by providing paid protection to notable and wealthy individuals. 4-8 people.

Duration – 2.5 days, 3 nights; typically a weekend (Fri – Sun)

Investment $6497.00

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