All of your questions answered!

If You Have Questions…

Have questions about The Adventure Group and what we do? Well, here’s some answers for you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, just contact us and we’ll get in touch!

What’s different about The Adventure Group?

Well, in short our adventures, our people, our culture; the sense of family and belonging – the TAG experience! TAG provides Special Forces inspired adventures and unique team building and leadership programs.

When I think about spending time in the outdoors with a bunch of ex-Special Forces personnel I get a bit anxious and worried; in fact a little bit of wee comes out! How hard are the experiences?

We understand it can be a bit scary. However, the team are professionals that have dealt with people of many backgrounds, genders and ages; they have operated across the globe in conflict zones and hostile environments; they have a vast amount of experience and good people skills. They are there to help and to make your experience truly unique and as enjoyable as it can be.

Who are the TAG Team?

Every member of the TAG Team is ex-military; this is part of our DNA! The majority of our team are former Special Forces with the majority have served in the SAS as Operators. The majority of our team also has operational experience and have lead troops in combat. We also have the first female to have served in a British Army Infantry unit who is also a teacher and coach. All team members are highly qualified in multiple adventure disciplines and have a vast amount of experience in the outdoors.

Do I have to be super fit to attend a TAG adventure?

No, not super fit. As far as physicality is concerned all experiences are scalable to suit most capabilities and fitness levels. We tailor this to suit the participant group and individuals. We are not in the business of ‘breaking’ our clients. But, if you want it tough, we do tough really well!

Why is there no program or list of activities for any of the TAG experiences?

Life is full of surprises, both good and not so good. A TAG experience is designed to make you more resilient to change and challenge – having this element of surprise and uncertainty is a critical part of that. The ability to be comfortable with uncertainty will set you apart as an individual and an organisation. It is an essential ingredient in our ‘secret sauce’!

But if I can’t see what I am paying for how do I know I’ll get value for money?

All our experiences are jam packed with value from skills taught, the uniqueness through to face time with former Special Forces veterans. You will leave a happy Trooper! Check out our testimonials (hyperlink) for what others have said.

What type of programs does TAG run?

The Adventure Group runs a number of programs to include tailored adventures. We cater for individuals, corporates, family and friends. We also have a number of programs suitable for kids, parents and kids and schools. See our Experiences (hyperlink) page for more details or contact (hyperlink) us.

What ages does TAG cater for?

The Adventure Group programs and experiences are designed for females and males of varying ages from 8 years old through to pensioners – our oldest participant was 72 years young! Depending on age and the program, we may require a Doctor’s certificate prior to accepting a booking, payment and confirmation. Please contact (hyperlink) us for details.

Where does TAG run their programs and when?

The Adventure Group currently offers programs in SE Queensland, the Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley NSW and in the Yarra Valley Victoria. However, the great thing about many of TAG’s adventures are that they are transportable and can be run almost anywhere! Check out the Book Online page (hyperlink) for scheduled activity dates or get a group together and book your own date with adventure!

Does TAG provide custom experiences and adventures?

Yes, we also plan and execute one off truly unique adventures to the destination of your choice pretty much anywhere in the world – not many places our network can’t reach or get to! There is also a set of unique high end experiences that are provided within the Special Operations Experience.

How does The Adventure Group manage the inherent risk involved in outdoors activities?

Our management and staff are highly experienced in planning and conducting high risk complex missions in extremely dangerous and environmentally hostile conditions – we bring that expertise and ability to everything we do. TAG has an extensive risk management and safety framework based on AS NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management standard, AS NZS 4801:2001 Safety Management Systems standard as well as other relevant standards and Codes of Practice.

What’s in included in my adventure?

It depends on which adventure you’re going on! Each one differs from the next with some being tailored and truly unique so it does vary – check your Joining Instructions or with the Mission Commander for details. However, typically each adventure includes all mission essential equipment, food, beverages, accommodation and all activities during the adventure. Some even include a 5 Star experience at the end and a luxury ‘sleep over’!

Do I really need to bring a cuddly toy?

Oh yes! Don’t leave home without it or there will be consequences!

How critical is it to be on time?

All TAG experiences are packed with activities, challenges and learning opportunities. Every second is important, so being on time is critical! If you’re not 5 minutes early, then you’re already late!

What expectations are there of me on a TAG experience?

Respect for yourself, for other participants, for staff, for the equipment and for the environment. Be tidy, be responsible and be on time!

Do I really need everything on the attendee equipment list?

Yes. All items are there for a reason and have a purpose. Like the cuddly toy, if you don’t bring them there will be consequences!