Op Bellator

Veteran Support Program

What is Op Bellator?

Dignity through Reconnection and Engagement

Op Bellator is a new and unique program tailored to assist Veterans and former ADF members with the transition from service to civilian life. The program creates meaningful and supportive networks with like-minded people from both the Services and business.

Veterans will participate in outdoor activities, bush craft and team building experiences in a safe, relaxed and familiar environment whilst engaging with people from business and industry in order to build connections. Participants experience real world guidance and support to assist in their transition as well as a series of individual coaching and mentoring sessions with a Mindset and Leadership Development consultant.

Some of the key elements of Op Bellator draw on the positive effects of nature and the outdoors, moderate physical activity, and mateship . The program aims to build a sense of purpose and achievement in a familiar environment as well as a sense of belonging and camaraderie that is often missing outside of the Military for the Veterans.

We see this as a powerful opportunity to bring the business world into the world of former ADF members and highlight skills, ethics and the value Veterans and former ADF members can bring to the commercial world.


Op Bellator is a 2 day/2 night program which is conducted in the bush from Friday evening through to mid-afternoon on Sunday. It also includes 8 1 to 1 coaching calls. The live component of the program is currently delivered by former Special Forces instructors as well as selected former Defence personnel.

All equipment, catering and accomodation is provided from the start of the program until it ends on Sunday. Attendees will need to provide their own suitable clothing (a packing list will be provided upon acceptance into the program) and transport to and from the location which may change from program to program. Currently we conduct the program in South East Queensland.

Content and Activities

Activities and elements that form part of the program would typically include:

  • Bushcraft
  • Navigation – Celestial, Solar, Map and compass
  • Basic survival
  • Basic tracking
  • Abseiling, roping skills and rock climbing
  • Leadership, team, trust building and problem solving exercises
  • The ‘Road Map for Life’ and realigning values and the ‘life compass’
  • Physical activity
  • Camp fire ‘wisdom’ and discussions
  • Guest speakers from business and corporate

It’s part of the TAG secret sauce to keep exact details of the weekend program under wraps in order to maximise your experience and simulate what happens in real life – so much of which is unknown. This assists in challenging each participant to further develop their flexibility, resilience and at times, courage.

After all, the greatest growth occurs outside of your comfort zone!


We are excited to launch our first program on 23 February 2018 with funding from our sponsor, Downer.

Op Bellator is provided free of charge to *suitable candidates who have undertaken the application process and meet the criteria for the program. We encourage everyone who is interested in the program to apply now. There are limited places available for our second program which will likely be conducted in April or early May in SEQ. We will maintain a wait list for future programs.



Our Story

The Adventure Group (TAG International) is a Special Forces inspired adventure, extreme leadership development and team building, company that has been almost three decades in the making.

The founders have always enjoyed an adventure and embracing challenge – from a solo expedition in the cane fields of remote Queensland as five year olds to the mountains of Madeira and the deserts of Western Iraq, there have been no shortage of adventures over the years.

Helping people to achieve personal and professional excellence is a core component of the experiences at The Adventure Group. We don’t do mediocre.

We believe in making life more exciting and adventurous.

It is a one-way journey so seize the opportunity and embrace the challenge for tomorrow may be too late.

In a world that is becoming increasingly sedentary, complex and risk adverse there is a growing desire and demand for experiences that not only provide enjoyment and fulfilment but challenge and inspiration; ones that become inextricably part of life’s journey.

We will take you on that journey! A journey like no other!

This is our raison d’etre!

Our Guiding Principles

Life is an adventure

The relentless pursuit of excellence

Quality people, quality service, extraordinary experiences

Embrace challenge

Overcome fear