September 2018 will be the 75th anniversary of the ‘Z Special Unit’s’ raid on Singapore Harbour. The raid was an audacious attack deep into Japanese held territory that stunned the enemy at a time when they held ascendancy in the Asia-Pacific region and in a location that they considered a safe haven.

The raid was a success with all participants returning safely to Australia having sunk or severely damaged some 39,000 tonnes of enemy shipping.

Join us as we re-trace their steps and honour their memory. 

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The Adventure Group Re-enactment

The Adventure Group is going to re-enact this epic feat of Special Operations, focusing on the canoe approach to Singapore Harbour.

We do this to honour and commemorate the men that carried out this raid, for they are the forebears of today’s Special Forces community from which we draw our DNA. We do this also to raise funds to support Australia’s veteran community. This is a fund raising mission.

The Mission

To re-enact a heroic and daring special operations raid whilst raising funds to support those that have given so much in the service of our nation – our veterans and their families.

For over 20 years the Australian Defence Force has been engaged in operational duties across the globe. Much of the ‘boots on the ground’ operational burden has been shouldered by the Australian Army with a significant part played by units of the Army’s Special Operation Command (SOCOMD). The price paid by these service personnel and the families that support them has been heavy. For many the struggle of the battlefield continues in everyday life. Help us to help them, it’s the Australian thing to do – help our mates who’ve served this great country.

Your Mission

Be among the few on this unique adventure commemorating a legendary Australian military action.

A journey through history, of bravery, heroic deeds and legends. An adventure that raises funds for very worthy veteran charities to help support those that have served our nation. Embrace the challenge, build bonds that will last a lifetime, enjoy the camaraderie – come on an adventure and see parts of the world that you can only experience at sea level in a small two person canoe!

Be part of a tight knit team that raises funds for veterans and defence families in need. We’re good but even we need help! We need your support to achieve the mission – the effect will so much greater if you get ‘on board’!

We need:

  • ‘Hard Chargers’ to paddle
  • People as part of the support team
  • People to donate and
  • Sponsors

And we need people to wave and cheer! Each person embarking on this journey will be expected to fundraise on an individual and, at times, on a collective basis.

The Concept

Dates: Between 16th – 26th September 2018 (tbc)
Embarkation Point: Lombok Straits
End Point: Singapore Harbour

To walk, or in this case paddle, in the footsteps of heroes. We will retrace the route taken by the raiding team in the canoes and the route the Krait took through enemy waters. The sea transit will take up to 4 days with the canoe insertion being conducted over 5 ‘periods of darkness’ (military term for a night!). As the purpose of this mission is to support veteran’s charities, all members of the team will fundraise.

There will be a commemorative service in Singapore at the completion of the paddle for the entire team as well as selected supporters and sponsors. Beers down range after that. We then RTA (return to Australia).

A final phase to this epic undertaking is planned – a paddle through Sydney Harbour from the Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour to the Opera House to be conducted in late October 2018.

Join The Adventure

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, living and breathing the epic mission that these brave men undertook for Australia.


There will be a maximum of 8 canoe teams – that is 8 x two person canoes. The intent is to place a veteran in each canoe, many of these veterans will be from the Australian Special Forces community. The canoe teams will LUP (lay up) on the same islands that the Z Special Operators used. A support vessel (our version of the Krait) will accompany the canoe teams during the paddle phase of the operation.

Spots in the canoe teams are limited and competition will be tough – final positions will be determined by fitness and the amount of funds raised.


This is an epic undertaking. In order to conduct this as authentically and as safely as possible it will take considerable resources. As the main purpose of the mission is to raise funds to support veterans charities it is hoped that the vast majority of equipment, assets and personnel needed to pull this off will be secured through “in kind” donations or at “mates rates”.


Our current charity partners are:

Join our team as we recreate this epic journey and pay tribute to the brave men of Z Special Unit.

With your support, the world will witness the heroic story of Operation Jaywick.

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