The Parent and Child Cave – One Day Experience

Teamwork and Respect Through Shared Experiences

The Parent and Child Cave – One Day Experience

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This unique Parent and Child Cave one day outdoor experience is for one parent and and one child. You will have some great adventures and learn some really cool stuff, as well as creating lasting memories with your child.

Do you feel as though you don’t get enough quality time with your child?

Is their childhood passing quicker than you ever imagined it would?

Wouldn’t it be great to spend precious time with them on an amazing journey of discovery, adventure and bonding! Share that feeling of freedom and adventure with your child – you know, the one you had when you were a kid! Playing down at the creek or in the field from dawn till dusk.

Help develop your child’s resiliency through challenging yet safe activities while having fun.

This experience is run exclusively during school holidays, the perfect time to invest a day in growing your child and deepening your relationship. So if you’re at a loss with what to do with the kids then book in for an adventure of your own!

Every member of the TAG Team is ex-military; this is part of our DNA! The majority of our team are former Special Forces with the majority have served in the SAS as Operators. The majority of our team also has operational experience and have lead troops in combat. We also have the first female to have served in a British Army Infantry unit who is also a teacher and coach. All team members are highly qualified in multiple adventure disciplines and have a vast amount of experience in the outdoors.

All our team are current Blue Card holders.


Expect the unexpected! Life is full of mystery, adventure and the unexpected… this experience is no different! TPCC experience is designed to make you more resilient to change and challenge – having this element of surprise and uncertainty is a critical part of that. The ability to be comfortable with uncertainty will set you apart as an individual and as a family. It is an essential ingredient in our ‘secret sauce’!However, here’s a sneaky peak at what you’ll get up to with The Adventure Group.

Arrive at the RV (Rendezvous) on time and meet the Agent. Get your instructions for the next move and head off to meet the rest of the TAG Team. At a secret location you will be briefed by former Special Forces Operators on all things safety and emergencies as well as ‘The Code’ (Code of Conduct). Then a quick mission brief before you embark on your first Mission! Once you’ve patrolled cross country and located the camp there’s lessons and adventures before lunch. Lunch is real Army rations from your very own Army ration pack!

After lunch you will learn how to sneak through the bush and how to camouflage yourself before heading out on a rescue mission. Once you’ve rescued all the prisoners you have to get them safely back to the Pick-up Point! That’s just a taste of what you’ll experience…it will be action packed, challenging, and fun!


Results are never guaranteed and are largely dependent on your level of effort and the attitude you bring on the day. Most things that are worthwhile take a bit of effort and application – this experience is no different. If you focus, work hard, listen and follow instructions then you will not only have a great time but will also learn some really cool things! We’ve seen the youngest children bring their A game and leave with the biggest smile, broadest shoulders and tallest stories.

We typically find that the kids (big and small) go away with:

  • A greater sense of self
  • Greater resilience
  • Increased bush navigation skills
  • Better team skills and increased ability to cooperate
  • A greater appreciation for and confidence in the great outdoors
  • Tired but really happy!


This experience is suitable for most adults and for children between the ages of 8 and 15.

  • Juniors 8 to 12
  • Seniors 13 to 15.

There is a bit of walking involved on the day, but most of it is across fairly flat terrain. However, both parent and child are required to carry a daypack at all times. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I fairly active?
  • Can I walk cross country for an hour without a long break?
  • Can I carry a 10kg (adult) or 6kg (child) daypack all day?

If you have any questions relating to suitability for this experience please contact us.


The following items and elements are included in the cost per head:

  • Food and beverages
  • All activities
  • Equipment outlined below
  • Insurance
  • Final Debrief and ‘refuel’


$397.00 per pair (1 parent & 1 child)

Group size 14 – 20 pairs


28 June 2016 (Qld)

29 June 2016 (Qld)

5 July 2016 (Qld)

6 July 2016 (Qld)

If you are in NSW and Victoria and are interested in The Parent and Child Cave – One Day Experience in July school holidays please submit an enquiry using the form below.


We currently run TPCC – one day experience at several locations across Australia – Queensland (Grandchester & Sunshine Coast), New South Wales (Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains) and Victoria (Yarra Valley).All our experiences are transportable, so if you have enough participants we might be able to come to you! Contact us for more details.


TAG will provide all mission essential equipment and safety items. A list of kit required by individuals will be emailed out to you when you book.

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  • The Parent and Child Cave adventure runs over 2.5 days and gives you more time and an even greater challenge and fun packed experience with your child.
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