Operation Thunderbolt

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Operation Thunderbolt

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Operation Thunderbolt is an intensive one day (10 hour) leadership and team building experience for Corporates and small to medium enterprises. It is the little brother to The Corporate Cave and is designed to meet the needs of organisations that are extremely time restricted – although time spent developing your people is never wasted! After all it is the people –  the troops –  that put the Special in Special Forces!

Special Operations conduct high risk, complex missions under the most demanding conditions in hostile environments – and succeed! They are dynamic, agile and outcomes focused. They exemplify team, great culture and unified effort. Wouldn’t it be great if you could replicate that in your own organisation!

At The Corporate Cave we believe that an organisation’s greatest asset is its people, its human potential. The key to unlocking that human potential is through developing good leadership, strong teams, mutual respect and trust – these are the pillars that underpin success and support an organisation through the most challenging of times.

Theoretical knowledge is all well and good but what happens under pressure? Can your team apply what they have learned? Can your leaders really lead? Discovering how your people perform under pressure, in real time challenges can provides invaluable insights.

Who you are

Your organisation understands your people are central to who you are and what you do. You value success, continuous improvement, and you strive for improved efficiencies and capabilities. You want to grow, improve, challenge and reward your team. You want to be on the leading edge and gain the advantage in your industry and are willing to approach this in an unconventional way…the special operations way. There’s a why Special Forces teams punch well above their weight and achieve outcomes that to many seem impossible.

 What to expect

“Green light on – Go!” This is a full on day. TAG will pack as much learning and  many experiences into the day as is humanly possible… you shouldn’t have time to scratch your… you know what.

Expect the unexpected! Life is full of mystery, adventure and the unexpected… this experience is no different! Op Thunderbolt is designed to make you and your team more resilient to change and challenge – having the element of surprise and uncertainty is a critical part of that. The ability to be comfortable with uncertainty will set you apart as an individual and as an organisation. It is an essential ingredient in our ‘secret sauce’!

However, here’s a 30,000 ft view of what you’ll get up to on Op Thunderbolt.


You will arrive at the Forward Mounting Base (FMB) where you will receive instruction in leadership, team and trust building, task analysis and planning. Before lunch you will receive your Warning Order and Task Order for the afternoon’s mission.


During the afternoon you will plan and execute the mission you have been given. You will put into practice everything you’ve been taught in the morning and then some. This is where it all comes together – the analysis, planning, preparation, team work and leadership. This is what it’s all about.

Expected Outcomes

Outcomes are not something you buy at the shops. They are dependent on input; on effort; on the investment in hard work, sweat and sometimes tears! If you don’t make this investment, then the outcomes you achieve will be degraded. However, here are the expected outcomes that typically result from participating in Op Thunderbolt:

  • Increased teamwork and the ability to build stronger teams
  • An increased ability to problem solve
  • Task analysis
  • Increased understanding and ability to plan and give instructions
  • Increased leadership skills and ability
  • Increased resilience
  • Camaraderie
  • Sense of personal and collective achievement
  • A stronger culture
  • Fun

How Hard is it Who can do it?

This experience is suitable for most adults that are ambulatory.

There is a bit of walking involved throughout the day, but most of it is across fairly flat terrain. However, you are required to carry a daypack at all times. Some questions to ask are:

  • Am I fairly active?
  • Can I walk cross country for an hour without a long break?
  • Can I carry a 10kg daypack all day?

If you have any questions relating to suitability for this experience please contact us.

Whats Included?

The following items and elements are included in the cost per head:

  • Food and beverages
  • All activities
  • Equipment outlined below
  • Insurance
  • Hot Was (Debrief)


$1400pp Click here to book now

Minimum 14 – Max by agreement


We currently run TCC at several locations across Australia – Queensland (Grandchester & Sunshine Coast), New South Wales (Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains) and Victoria (Yarra Valley).

Our experiences are transportable, so if you have enough participants we might be able to come to you! Contact us for more details.

Kit and Equipment

TAG will provide all mission essential equipment and safety items. A list of kit required by individuals will be emailed out to you when you book.


Your Adventure

Contact Us for available dates.

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