The Barrier!

The Barrier!

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Ever wondered if you have what it takes to make it into Special Forces?

This is the closest you’ll come to finding out…. The first step along that long road to being selected is…. The Barrier!

Do you have what it takes to get through The Barrier!? You can’t going around it, there’s no going under it, or going over it… you HAVE to push through it!

Life is full of hurdles and speed bumps, but there is only one barrier – The Barrier!

Are you willing to give it a go?!

Test yourself!

Location and Duration

South East Queensland – 24 hours over a weekend; midday Saturday until midday Sunday.

What to Expect

Pain, hardship, sweat, tears, reward… and lots of it!

This endurance activity is based on the Special Forces barrier test. It is designed to cull the numbers of candidates who want to attempt the selection course down to those who really want it and have a chance of passing it. This is the first of barrier to entry – it ain’t easy, otherwise it wouldn’t be special!

Run exclusively by Special Forces veterans, this is a real as it gets.

‘There is no try, either do or do not!’ – Yoda

How hard is it – Who can do it?


Training for this is a MUST. Recommendations for training and preparation will be provided upon registration and payment.

Must be 18 and over.


The Barrier supports The White Cloud Foundation and its PTSD program which supports veterans in need. A significant amount of the profit made from this event goes directly to White Cloud so it can continue its excellent work helping those who have given so much for this country.

What’s included?

  • Food and water
  • Some equipment
  • Merchandise
  • Challenge and reward

Kit and Equipment

The Adventure Group will provide all safety and group activity equipment, water and the challenge. A separate list of equipment and items required by individual candidates for The Barrier will be provided upon registration.


Early Bird – $260.00 per candidate                            Regular Price – $275.00 per candidate

Registration opens soon.

Register your interest and be among the first to secure your place on The Barrier!


See the booking form above to select your date.

Your Adventure

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